Leadership Team

Get to know the Leadership Team

Our team believes that food insecurity in college students is a growing concern. We are passionate about providing food and necessities for UNI students in need.

Leadership Team


Campus Relations Director

‌Sierra Mathiason

My name is Sierra Mathison and I am a junior majoring in Family Services with minors in Mental Health, Criminology, and Communication Studies. Food insecurity to me is not having the resources necessary to access food or meals at any given point in time, often from having to give it up to fulfill other needs. I chose to be a part of the Panther Pantry team because I simply love helping others and playing my part in the community. Allowing students to have easy access to food and other necessities allows them to lose this worry each week, so they can focus on other things in life such as school. The Panther Pantry allows them to do this and I love that I am able to play a part in them fulfilling their needs. 


Graduate Assistant

Kerrigan Tisor 

My name is Kerrigan Tisor and I am a first year Graduate Student in the Post Secondary Education program. I have always had a passion for helping others. The Panther Pantry is the perfect blend of supporting and educating college students.  Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new, meet someone new and come up with new and innovated ideas to serve others. If you have questions about how you can support the pantry please reach out to me at: pantherpantry@uni.edu




‌Connie Hansen 

My name is Connie Hansen, and I am UNI’s Student Organizations Coordinator. I have worked at UNI for more than 30 years, and have had enjoyed helping and supporting students in many different ways. Students today have a lot of responsibilities and challenges. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping students make sure they don’t need to worry about where their next meal comes from. I love working with our volunteers, donors and staff to make sure the Panther Pantry’s shelves are stocked and ready to serve our students in need.

Panther Pantry Student Organization Members

Liz Clark, Diana Espinoza, Morgan Mescher & Kaitlyn Walthall




Jordan Burds

Pantry Intern

Jordan Burds

My name is Jordan Burds and I am a senior majoring in Social Work with a minor in Educational Studies. Next fall, I will begin my first year in the School Counseling Graduate Program at UNI.  My passion to impact individuals' lives and create meaningful connections fit perfectly with the Panther Pantry and this semester has strongly
validated my passion for serving others. Additionally, working as an intern for the Panther Pantry has provided me with an excellent
foundation to be successful in my educational and professional career.