Welcome, Mission & History


On behalf of the Student Involvement & Event Services, welcome to Maucker Union, which is named after the university's fifth president, J.W. (Bill) Maucker. At the Union dedication on April 19, 1969, President Maucker stated, "I wish on behalf of the entire university community to dedicate this union to the development of friendlier human relationships, exciting conversation and truly educative experiences to the end that all who gather here may be finer human beings for having spent some time in our union". It is our goal to ensure the words of President Maucker still hold true today.

The Office of Student Involvement encourages students to engage and become active in at least one of the 230+ student organizations UNI has to offer. Through involvement in student organizations, you will meet new people who share similar interest, gain knowledge and skills that will compliment your classroom education, and develop valuable connections that will last a lifetime. All of these areas, and more, will assist you in your development to be "career ready." If you have any questions about getting involved, please stop by or contact the Office of Student Involvement to assist you in your journey.

Maucker Union hosts over 4,500 events annually with an average of 5,000 patrons walking through our doors daily. The 120,000 sq. foot facility boasts a large central gathering space (Coffeehouse), nine meetings rooms, a large multipurpose ballroom and wonderful dining options. If you have any questions regarding reserving space, please contact the Office of Event Services.

We hope you enjoy all that Maucker Union has to offer.

Mike Bobeldyk
Director, Student Involvement & Event Services


Provide space and experiences that inspire community interaction, enhance university life and support learning.


Service: Committing to a high-quality experience for our students and guests.
Growth: Enhancing opportunities for the development of life and leadership skills.
Inclusion: Inviting all to a welcoming place that encourages expression, interaction and discovery.
Innovation: Developing creative solutions to advance student success.


To meet the needs of the student of tomorrow, we will be bold in advancing the university experience through transformational facilities, exemplary services and programs.